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Delight guests with a daily specials menu using QR Code.

MenuLabs offers Free daily specials menu that’s optimized for browsing on a smartphone.

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Keep Your Customers Safe | Restaurant Menu QR Code

The restaurant industry is seeing a revolution. To make it safe for guests to have a hygienic meal, restaurants adopting QR Codes to help digitize the restaurant menus. This is amid the need to reduce physical contact between people or objects they touch. While cleaning and disinfecting tables and bars a good start, there is still one thing that people need and share; menus. So how can you eliminate the sharing of physical menus between customers? The answer is simple, replace the menu with a QR Code Menu!

Contactless dining experience

Customers now prefer contactless dining. QR Code restaurant menus does away with the need for you to hand out printed menus to the guests.

Improves table turnaround rate

Guests can scan the QR Code, the moment they sit at the table. Rather than waiting for the menu to come, they can view the menu on their phones and order the food and pay without any delay.

Save on printing costs

You only have to print the Code onto surfaces where it’s easily accessible such as on the wall of your restaurant, at the window, on the door, or even on the table itself. No need to change the menu, when you make changes?

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QR Code Menu FAQ

Is this really free?

Yes! This is FOREVER FREE! No Credit Card details required.

Can guests access the digital menu without using a QR code scanner?

You can request for a custom link from sales@menulabs.com Charges may be applied. Your custom link would look like this: https://menulabs.com/menus/specials.php?id=[yourid] Your guests can type the link on their browser to access the menu.

Can guests make payments online?

No. The free version does not allow. If you want an end-to-end contactless experience, please view our premium version which includes online payments and alot more features: https://menulabs.com